Sharing the Good News

Have you ever gone out somewhere and looked around to see so many broken, lost, and hurting people and wondered, Lord what do you want me to do?

This happened a while back as I went out to eat at a restaurant with my wife and one of our friends. The food was fantastic too, by the way. The funny thing was that the friendly young greeter/host/server was wearing a t-shirt with a bunch of words on it. The last words in the paragraph on his black shirt stated in big bold white font: “Lord Knows!” My friend asked the waiter if he was a believer and pointed to his shirt. With a big smile he said, oh no, I just have this shirt. Then he says what do you mean “believer?”

My friend says in Jesus, you know do you believe in Jesus Christ?

It was getting busy and the waiter had other customers to get to while we sat and checked out the menu. I looked around on this sunny Sunday afternoon and saw that there were a lot of customers who appeared to be coming in from the big church across the street. These were young people who were about the same age as the waiter. They all seemed caught up in their conversations with each other. I silently prayed, Lord, is there someone else in this place that I am supposed to reach with your healing or a word of encouragement? I could see people in the kitchen too and wondered if it was one of them…

The waiter came to take our order, we made some small talk. I found out that he was an international student who had attended a short time at both a christian school and had spent time in a Buddhist monestary while growing up. He asked about Jesus, “was he a real man, like Buddha?” He was curious but had to keep helping the other customers. He kept coming back and asking us more questions. “How do you know Jesus?”

This was it, this was the person who God wanted us to reach! We asked him if he needed any prayers answered or if any of the others working there did. He said no everyone is good. We told him that he can learn more by reading the Bible and told him that he could download an app on his phone. We exchanged contact information and then my friend made an offer for us to get him a Bible. He was very interested, so I made a bold promise, that I would come back and bring him a Bible…

I did get him a Bible and came back the next week with it. He was surprised and happy to see me. He couldn’t believe that I came back and that he has his own Bible now. He even gave me a complimentary drink as a thank you. I don’t know what God is doing with that whole interaction, but I pray that the seeds that were planted take root and grow!

I also pray that I see my new friend again and that we will all continue to advance the Kingdom of God by showing His love to reach each person on this earth. I encourage you to pray for God to show you, through His Holy Spirit, how to boldly declare the Love of Jesus throughout your daily interactions.

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