PDF Download Help

Instructions for downloading a PDF file in your browser:

If your web browser is set to automatically open PDF files in the browser, you will not be presented with the option to choose where to save a PDF download onto your device/computer.

If you want to be presented with the option to choose where to save the file and not have the browser open it, then you will need to change the settings in your browser.


In Firefox you will need to go to General Settings and look under “Applications”.  Scroll down to “Portable Document Format” and change the setting from “Open in Firefox” to “Always ask”.  Alternatively you can change the setting to “download” if you want the file to be saved to your browser’s download folder.

Safari on Mac and iOS

In Safari on Mac you can click on the download button here and it will open the PDF in your browser.  Once it is open in your browser, simply navigate to the File menu at the top of your browser and select “Save As” or “Export as PDF”.  Either of these options will open Finder on your Mac and allow you to choose where to save it.

In Safari on iOS choose share from the menu bar and scroll down to “Save to Files”.  This will open file app on your iOS device and allow you to choose where to save.

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, click the … icon from the top right corner and select Settings.  Navigate to “Privacy and security” and click “Site Setting”.  Look for the PDF documents option and turn the switch to “On” where it says “Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, you will have to wait until the file opens in the browser and then click the save icon near the top right corner of the browser window.