Find Your Place At Word Of His Grace

Word of His Grace is an apostolic center which seeks to see all of the 5-fold ministry expressed with the body. We feel a strong call to help equip and release all the gifts within the body and see them fulfill their destiny. We feel we are part of a larger expression of the body in our territory and seek to work with other churches for a unified expression of Christ to our communities. Our leadership style is a team of leaders with various gifts overseen by our Pastor Matt Perusse. 

Word of His Grace has an apostolic anointing and calling. The Lord spoke to founder Joe McIntyre concerning Word of His Grace and told him “You are involved in serious business with eternal consequences, I have a world vision and if you are going to walk with Me, you must have a world vision. You must believe you are going to affect the world. If it’s not worth sacrificing for, it’s not worth doing.” These statements from the Lord under-gird all Word of His Grace does in ministry.

Some foundational areas of teaching at Word of His Grace are: The Father-Heart of God, Who We Are in Christ, the Life of Faith, Healing, and the power of Grace to change us.We attempt to receive all that God is saying through the various streams of the Body and apply them to our lives individually and corporately.  


Matt Perusse is the Pastor of Word of His Grace Church. He is a passionate proclaimer of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He and his wife Amy are dedicated to see believers grow in their faith in Jesus as well as grow as leaders. They are excited to witness people set free by the power and love of Jesus Christ and to advance the Kingdom of God. Matt’s purpose is to equip, educate, empower, disciple, and release others to take their rightful places in the body of Christ.


Amy Perusse oversees the Children’s ministry at Word of His Grace Church. Her goal is to be a fruit bearing disciple of Jesus Christ and to inspire others to do the same. She loves connecting people, churches, and communities (to God and to each other) and holds a vision for a great awakening to the reality of Heaven on earth! Amy has a background in education and transforming the lives of youth; including Reclaiming Futures in the juvenile justice system and supporting students and families experiencing homelessness.


With shepherd’s hearts, Mike and Sue strengthen and care for the body of Christ, organizing and leading teams, small groups and events. Their joy is to gather people together in small groups equipping them to grow in Christ and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their every day lives. Married 55 years, Mike and Sue’s favorite pastime is to hang out together with their 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.


Pam McIntyre received the Lord in 1970 as part of the “Jesus People Movement”. In 1983 she married Joe McIntyre, founder of Word of His Grace Church, and ministered alongside him until his passing in December 2017. Leading God’s people into worship in the Holy of Holies is her passion. She also is a bookkeeper who works in the church office.  


Joe McIntyre was the founding minister of Word of His Grace and was the apostolic overseer. Joe was saved in 1970 and called to the ministry in 1980. The Father commissioned him to go and “tell people how good I am.” At the leading of the Spirit he started the work in 1981. Joe’s burden was to see people come into deep, rich fellowship with God the Father, to know who they are in Christ, to learn to heal the sick and cast out demons, to wield the Word of God with wisdom and practical application, and to train other ministries and release them to their destiny. Joe was the president of Kenyon’s Gospel Publishing Society which publishes the works of the late E.W. Kenyon. Joe’s first book was about Kenyon entitled E.W. Kenyon and His Message of Faith: The True Story (published in 1997) and many other titles are available. Joe went home to be with his Heavenly Father on December 14, 2017.  His weekly teachings and writings inspired many.


We are:

  • A Kingdom Ministry
  • A Covenant Community
  • A Restoration Center
  • A Teaching & Training Center
  • An Outreach to the World


Word of His Grace is a covenant community, restoring, teaching and training people to impact the world, through embracing the Lordship of Christ.


Our desire is to help people come into a relationship with God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit that causes their Christianity to be life-transforming and central to their way of life.


  1. The Father Heart of God. God is a Father and He’s utterly good.
  2. Grace changes people. There’s power in the grace of God to change people. We will create and maintain an atmosphere of grace. People will grow marvelously.
  3. We are committed to the life of faith. We want to please God with our faith.
  4. We honor the Lordship of the Word. We will give the Word first place and final authority in our lives.
  5. Worship is a priority. We will press in and develop individually and corporately as worshipers.
  6. We’re committed to renewing our minds. We will seek to renew our minds to who we are in Christ and instruct others in this truth also.
  7. Prayer is foundational. We believe every believer should have a healthy prayer life and we will prioritize prayer in our personal lives.
  8. We’re committed to healing for the whole man. We believe God wants to restore and heal people and are contending for the release of His anointing to accomplish this more and more effectively.